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pARTicles & Texture Projections Installation

I really like to say Thank You to the Admins for the opportunity to create the final Event of the Metropolis 5th Birthday Celebration on Saturday April 6 2013, a very special night. It was a BIG pleasure creating and presenting this to all of you !!!

In the beginning we had 40+ Avatars on the Region, and after a short technical problem a lot of fun from 21 PM untill 01:30 AM in the morning, with at least 30 Avatars. As none of the visitors wanted to leave DJ ZAP HAX also came by and did his great Liveset inside my installation on the Metro Region.

This is the “Directors Cut” which I filmed it on Sunday without Avatars and the Viewer and i used the Singularity Viewer. So for all the people that have not used a modern Viewer, this is how the show was intended and how it looks like in Singularity or Firestorm. I can only recommend to use this (these) viewers for Opensim based worlds.

Again, big thanks to the faboulous Metropolis Admins abd all the Visitors. Thank you for the great Feedback i received on G+ and in the Forums so far. It was my pleasure. I will do this again – Promised !!

Here is a HD Video of my “pARTicle and Texture Projection” installation for the Metropolis Grid.

Direct Link: http://youtube.googleapis.com/v/T9Y0N-Kms9Q&Q=1

HYPERGRID ADDRESS:   hypergrid.org:8002:fireworxxs


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