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I was mentioned in the VISIONZ Hypergrid Magazine August 2015 Edition

August 26, 2015

Hi, this Blog needs an update, as i barely write here since i post more directly on my Google page. ( GOOGLE+ ) BUT, i was mentioned in the Travelogue of the VISIONZ Hypergrid Magazine August 2015 Edition.  Minetheree Athanasios, (Google+ Account) which i know for quit a time now, contacted me and told me […]

pARTicles & Texture Projections Installation

April 8, 2013

I really like to say Thank You to the Admins for the opportunity to create the final Event of the Metropolis 5th Birthday Celebration on Saturday April 6 2013, a very special night. It was a BIG pleasure creating and presenting this to all of you !!! In the beginning we had 40+ Avatars on […]

Creating terrain files with L3DT for Opensim

February 6, 2013

As i was in the process of updating the rather old informations about creating terrain files with L3Dt on the opensim Wiki  [ Link ] i thought why not doing another blog post about the whole process. So i repeat the basic steps for creating a nice random terrain with L3DT – Download the latest […]

Lightshare ? Windlight ? What is this ?

January 22, 2013

I was surprised as a lot of comments (not here on the blog, but in other Social media channels like the Google+ Opensim Virtual group or the Metropolis Google+ page or the OSGRID Facebook group) asked : What is Lightshare or Windlight ? This is Lightshare: On the left you see the standard (more or […]

Lightshare in OPENSIM Worlds (a.k.a. Windlight)

January 17, 2013

First of all a litte term ‘clarification’. Lightshare is the OPENSIM term for Secondlifes Windlight, but basically both control the Lightsettings on a Region. I am currently testing all available Opensim Viewers with Lightshare (Windlight) functionallity. In this process i also updated the OPENSIM Wiki pages for Lightshare here. First of all i would like […]

Opensim Region Restarter (Windows only)

November 10, 2011

.. Are your Regions  down ? It happens to all of us.. One of our instance is down and we are busy in RL or not there to restart it. Automatically restart those instances with this little tool. i coded a windows only utility that can run on your server and constantly checks if a […]


August 13, 2010

Hello, somebody asked me how to find out a GROUP UUID to create a group invitor. He wanted a script for his CLUB on the OSGRID. Just thought for a minute (or two) scratched my head and came up with this: Use the LSL Function llGetOwner ..  ( http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGetOwner ) but use it – not […]

Region Statistiken aktivieren und anzeigen in OSGRID & Opensim

August 11, 2010

Um Region Statistiken über die laufenden Simulatoren – über eine Webseiten anzeigen zulassen – muss man eigentlich nur den entsprechenden Befehl in der opensim.ini aktivieren [WebStats] ; View region statistics via a web page ; See http://opensimulator.org/wiki/FAQ#Region_Statistics_on_a_Web_Page ; Use a web browser and type in the “Login URI” + “/SStats/” ; For example- enabled=true […]

User ueber einen Region Restart/Shutdown informieren

August 11, 2010

Hallo, heute mal folgendes “Rezept” wenn man User auf seiner Region ueber einen geplanten Shutdown oder Restart informieren moechte. Dies kann ueber die Konsole automatisiert werden. Erstelle folgendes Script in \bin Ordner in dem der Simulator läuft (z.B:  goodbye.txt) alert general Diese Sim wird nun neu gestartet. alert general Bitte bringe Deine Attachments in Sicherheit […]

OSGRID Konsolenkommandos (console commands )

August 11, 2010

just updated the Wiki at http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Server_Commands with the latest console commands. Hope you can use it