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Lightshare in OPENSIM Worlds (a.k.a. Windlight)

Wordfromthe Wise @ a Windlight Region

First of all a litte term ‘clarification’. Lightshare is the OPENSIM term for Secondlifes Windlight, but basically both control the Lightsettings on a Region.

I am currently testing all available Opensim Viewers with Lightshare (Windlight) functionallity. In this process i also updated the OPENSIM Wiki pages for Lightshare here.

First of all i would like to recommend you the Singularity Viewer. It has full support for Lightshare and is really a great viewer for Opensim worlds. It has all the latest things you will need. The Dev team works hard and you can find the official Download page here. The latest Version can always be found here. The Viewer is available for Windows, Mac OS X und Linux 32 and 64 bit).

A additional viewer based on Singularity called Voodoo (created by VoodooSam) fully supports Lightshare settings. This Viewer is intend to be used on AURORA Grids, and therefore supporting all features for Aurora Sim based worlds (like Mega Regions etc.) BUT it also works on any Opensim region as well. The download page for that viewer can be found here. (Thank you DJPHIL for that information).

The next Viewer i tested is the Imprudence Viewer ( Imprudence 1.4.0 beta 2 Downloadpage here). In this viewer Lightshare is not enabled by default. To get Lightshare runnig you will need to enable the following settings:

In the Viewer go to EDIT PREFERENCES and select the ADVANCE tab.


Select ALWAYS for the option Allow region Windlight Setting. (You can also select ASK ME EVERYTIME but when you travel around this will be tiresome). if you want to have the Windlight Toolbar always visible you can also check the SHOW WINDLIGHT TOOLBAR.


A small menu on the bottom right next to the Audio settings is than visible in the Viewer UI (User Interface).

The next settings you need to enable are found in the GRAPHICS tab:


Enable the BASIC SHADERS (responsible for the colors in the sky) and the ATMOSPHERIC SHADERS (responsible for showing the better clouds).

The only drawback i discovered is that with the Imprudence 1.4.0 beta 2 version you can not take Snapshots with the active Windlight Settings. They will not be displayed in the Snaphot you save to your inventory or Harddisk.

Most V3 Viewers does not support Lightshare (with OPENSIM Scripts ; but doe support WINDLIGHT in SL)

All these V3 viewer mentioned above can show Windlight Settings but they DO NOT pick up the OPENSIM Lightshare parameters from scripts.

Update January, 19, 2013: The Angstrom Viewer is, as of today, the only V3 viewer that has build in Lightshare Support (which is also enabled by default). Get the latest versions for Angstrom here.

You can edit Windlight settings in the viewer and save them to a notecard. You can give those Notecards to other people. The Notecards have a XML structure. You can also save windlight settings to your Harddisk and share those seetings e.g. by email or via a website. The path for those windlight files on your Harddisk is YOURDRIVELETTER:\Program Files (x86)\Teapot\app_settings\windlight (on Windows).

There are also instructions available on the net how to get those NON SCRIPTED Windlightsettings to work.

It says that you have to set the following in your Parcel description

My awesome place

/*Windlight Sky: "[TOR] BIG SUN - Awwyeah" Water: "[TOR] Watermelon juice"*/

and it worked.


There is an extensive list of Windlight presets available within the viewer, but at the moment there is no way of creating a Windlight scene by yourself which can be share with other users.
You can save these settings to a xml files in the xx directory on your harddisk, but sharing this with otherusers (NON Tech People) this is a real NoGo !
If you know of a way of sharing own windlight settings with others please let me know.


As of now there are only 4 Viewers that support LIGHTSHARE by Opensim scripts which can be seen by any user visting your Region.


I have added another blog post about Lightshare/Windlight with example images and a video of Lightshare in action. Find it here.

Update January, 29, 2013: This a interesting news regarding Windlight/Lightshare with V3 Viewers like Firestorm (see above)

I was told (and yes i can confirm that it works) that there is a Opensim Region Module for Lightshare and Windlight Settings. It must be enabled in the opensim.ini. After you have enabled this setting you can set a Windlight Scene and this setting will be shown to other users with a V3 Viewer. So to clarify V3 Viewers as of now can not use Lightshare commands by scripts but you can set a decent “fallback” version of your Windllight setting. I think this is better that nothing.

To enable this you have to add the following entry in the  [ClientStack.LindenCaps] section in your opensim.ini (or your OpenSimDefaults.ini ; whatever you use) ..

Cap_EnvironmentSettings = “localhost”

This information was provided to me by PixelTomsen (the developer of that module and a long term OSGRID resident) The link to his blog and the specific entry can be found here.  That patch for this Environment Module was added to the opensim-dev-code back in May 2012 and is used by a lot of people.

This post will be updated when new information is available.


14 Responses to “Lightshare in OPENSIM Worlds (a.k.a. Windlight)”

  1. Firestorm does support the server side windlight developed by Second life and Opensim also supports it. It is possible now to set custom settings with the viewer visible to other firestorm users without any scripting needed

    • I will ADD this Information to my Blog Post if i figured out how it works .. I already corrected the Terms “Windlight” and Lightshare .. WL = SL // Lightshare = Opensim ..

      • In Firestorm the sim windlight settings are found at Region/Parcel details>Environment. A screenshot of this can be viewed at

        If you click the down arrow, a list setting names will appear both built in and any custom settings you have. click one, click ok and you are good to go

  2. Thanks for writing this up. The trees in my forest now have shadows and thats a 100% enhancement.

  3. […] ein andermal so. Um so interessanter, dass WordfromtheWise seine gesammelten Erfahrungen in einem Blogpost zusammenfasst (den er ergänzen will, sobald er etwas Neues herausfindet). Den Lightshare-Eintrag des […]

  4. […] See also my other post about this topic here. […]

  5. Hello, Firestorm and viewers based on it (like Angstrom?) as well as other V3-based viewers are able to set “Region Windlight” for a sim -but older viewers such as Imprudence will not be able to see it because they don’t understand “Region Windlight”.

    Imprudence and Singularity (as well as the other viewers you mentioned?) do understand “Lightshare”, however.

    I am playing with making some “look-alike” presets for Tx Oh’s Lightshare tool so that region owners are able to set their sims to use both implementations.

    I’ve used Firestorm to set the Region Windlight to “Fairy Blue (paulina)” and then used Tx Oh’s tool to make a “knock off” of the setting.

    It’s not exact, but when people visit they’re able to enjoy approximately the same enviroment regardless of their viewer.

    I don’t know if he is still active and I’d like to find a tool that I am able to share with others (ideally put into an oar I give away) so that people can load the presets I have given away. However, I don’t think anyone is working with Lightshare any more so I don’t feel hopeful.

    On a related note, many of the regions on Metropolis Grid are taking great advantage of Region Windlight -as can be seen on Virtual Christine’s blog.

    Soz for rambling -thanks for the awesome blog entry and the thoughts. 🙂

    • Dont underestimate the users. I know a lot of people using it and working on it. I and a friend of mine Sixtus Majus have created a completely new version of TxOhs Lightshare thing. It supports ALL Settings available including Water Settings. It an also capture Lightshare Windlight Settings and save it for later use. It can be controlled by e.g. only the Owner or a group or specific users. It has of course random settings and such .. I can at any time show it to you. As there is a small bug in the Sun Moon Position with lightshare the Controler currently only works on regions started with opensim.32bitlaunch.exe .. But we are working hard to find the error and report it to the opensim developers.. Another Thing is Firestorm OS will soon get Lightshare Support !!!!

  6. […] The Viewer is available for Windows, Mac OS X und Linux 32 and 64 bit). The next Viewer i tested is the Imprudence Viewer ( Imprudence 1.4.0 beta 2 ). In this viewer Windlight is not enabled by default.  […]

  7. […] First of all a litte term 'clarification'. Lightshare is the OPENSIM term for Secondlifes Windlight, but basically both control the Lightsettings on a Region. I am currently testing all available O…  […]

  8. i just added the information about the Angstrom Viewer. It is a V3 viewer that has build in Lightshare Support (which is enabled by default). get the latest version here (Windows only): https://bitbucket.org/nhede/angstrom2/downloads

    • Astra viewer supports Lightshare too. To be honest, it kinda confuses me. it’s based on Singularity and Imprudence but a lot of the environment settings are different. It’s developed by Flyman and it’s primarily intended for Auroragrid.
      You could ping him here: https://twitter.com/Fly_Man_ (I think he’s on Aurorascape, idk what name). Maybe you can ask him for information on it -I’m pretty sure it supports Lightshare and “region windlight”, but does so in an unusual way.

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