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Meerkat for Akira

I just tested the Meercat and was sceptical what would await me, but hellO …

Meerkat_gridhopThe functionality of Teleporting directly out of Secondlife into Opensim or vice versa without closing the Viewer is a Killer function .. Really, this should be standard in any  future Viewer … OMG!*

I like the Grid Manager function .. You can set your Username and password for several Worlds including your own hosted local Sim .. Wonder what the ‘Secret Level’ Checkbox is good for ? Ill keep it checked and see what SL has to offer in regards to Secret Levels ..Meerkat_gridmanager



The Avatar list is great .. shows you every Avatar in the Sim, see his AGE and also its location in meters away. You can get its key and mark the avatar and/or directly TP to his destination .. Also functions like IM or use Land Tools on him (e.g. Eject) or directly Abuse report him are looking good. This function is also available in the OSGrid .. so no further need for a Radar HUD ..

A better Teleport History, many limits removed ( like Upload unlimited length sounds, build objects of any size (opensim only),  advanced cut available for all objects, maximum bandwidth increased, and many debug options enabled by default] makes me very happy ..  [ Feature List or download it here and test it for yourself ] i uploaded a wav sound longer than 10 seconds  … and it plays …

It also supports creation of prims bigger than 10 meters as we in the OSGRID have (nearly) no restrictions on prim size..Meerkat_big_size


Also the Export and import of a prim or a group of Prims even with textures works.  It seems that if you clear the Viewers cache you loose the cache uuids so textures wont be imported.
But in my case i just TP`ed out of SL and directly into OSGrid  texture where restored .. But only after taking it into my inventory in the OSGRID ..

One problem is that even if you have full permissions on an object, if you are not the creator (in my case a Opensource script creates pyramids) you can not backup this object as of now …  but time will tell ,.,  Secondinventory mußt sich warm anziehen .. which means roughly translated to English : There is a cold wind blowing so get your best and warmest cloth out of the closet ..

Also i noticed the that if you start the programm it always remebers your last connected Grid and get its starting page.

There are some glitches like slow loading textures for clothes  ( the viewer has to change clothes in different grids) and sometimes in the GUI i await that a window closes if press on APPLY or QUIT like in the Grid manager or mild crashes … but hey .. this is just the first release (i am aware off) .. And a quick REBAKE (CTRL + R ) lets you look nice again.

so this Thing has in my eyes a bright future .. i will keep on testing it and reporting with more pictures about the Meerkat Viewer [ Meerkat Wiki ] .. As usual first here at maxping.org

As for the name:  Wikipedia says: The meerkat or suricate Suricata suricatta is a small mammal and a member of the mongoose family.  [ Wikipedia ] ..


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